Smart tools to improve your efficiency that you can enjoy your job more


You use software every day and at any time, not only on your computer or phone but also when you set the dishwasher or the heating.

And most of the pleasure of using a device depends on the quality of its software: there’s software designed with and for the user, that makes it feel natural; and there’s software that makes you go through the loops to get your job done.

Too many pieces of software are so complicated or badly designed, that they are a pain to use: and when you email support, you often get canned technical replies (if you get any reply at all).

User centric approach

We want to do this differently at Nagarsoft. PhraseExpander is our easy-to-use text expander for Windows, which saves time by storing commonly used text phrases, and making them available in any Windows application.

We constantly work with our users to improve our product and to make it easier and faster to use. And you’ll always get an attentive and personal reply from us (no worries: we hate canned replies as much as you do).

PhraseExpander has matured in the past ten years and now helps thousands of people and companies in many industries (Healthcare, Government, Legal, Customer service) by saving a great deal of repetitive and error-prone typing.

You can try PhraseExpander for free and discover how it can help your business as well.

Who’s behind PhraseExpander?

My name is Andrea Nagar, and I’m the founder at Nagarsoft. I got my first PC when I was 11, and that completely changed my life. Since then, I’ve been fascinated with technology that helps us work and live better, shifting our focus from routine tasks to the most important and creative aspects of our lives.

I’ve been developing software for a long time, selling my first product online in 1995 (when I was still in high school): Internet was at its very first infancy in Italy, and I was getting mail from all over the world with 10$ checks inside (e-commerce hadn’t been born yet).

My passion brought me to a degree in Telecommunication Engineering in 2002. I worked with some companies in many industries, in Italy and Asia. And I’ve always been frustrated by how much time is wasted in both small and large companies: the creative work is often buried underneath the amount of tedious and repetitive activities that haven’t been automated (even if they could).

So I thought, why not help companies remove the attrition and make employees working life more enjoyable? So, in 2006, I created my company, Nagarsoft, located in Turin (Italy), at the foot of the Alps.

From there on, the inner drive to use technology to remove as much inefficiency as possible has been unstoppable. Hey, why were computers invented, after all?

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