Track billable time

Step 1: Create a ticket

If you want to keep track of your time, you can create a ticket. We have different categories of ticket: Work Orders, Order Tickets, Bugs and Tickets. At the time of writing there is still no difference between these categories. You choose the category later.

  1. Click on the plus sign in the left menu.
  2. Give your ticket a name
  3. Select “New ticket”
  4. Choose the customer for which this coupon is
  5. Click “add now”

Step 2: Click Start to start

As you can see, your ticket has been created.

You can now store more data, such as a description, deadline, maximum number of hours, etc.

Save automatically
Did you know that beGuru will automatically store everything for you? You can check that by looking in the upper left corner: During typing, you will see a cloud appear to the right of the beGuru logo. As soon as beGuru has finished saving, you will see a check mark there. Then you know that your changes have been saved safely.

That’s it

That is all: create a ticket and click on Start!

Have fun tracking your billable time!