Smart billing

Smart billing

Invoice individual work, projects and contracts. With beGuru you can effortlessly charge them all.

beGuru shows you exactly what you should charge per customer. Of course you are in charge and you can correct invoices to your desire.

With one click you convert the proposal to an invoice. With another single click the customer already has the invoice in his or her mailbox.

Accurate. Effortlessly. That is billing with beGuru.

Flexible invoicing

You can charge existing elements as projects and receipts by clicking on them. Of course you can also add rules manually.

You can adjust each line with a discount and your own VAT percentage.

You can of course easily e-mail the invoice you have made.

Professional invoicing

Different appointments per customer. Employees with multiple roles and therefore hourly rates. To invoice pro rata. For beGuru those are easy tasks.

beGuru lets you easily create digital invoices for all your individual activities, your projects and your contracts.

Digital invoices

beGuru can email you fresh invoices from your own mailbox. If desired on your own digital writing paper.

You can also send reminders and other status updates via this route.

You can make notes per invoice. So you can perfectly keep track of the status of each invoice.

Invoicing software for every company

With beGuru, we want to make online invoicing as simple and efficient as possible. beGuru takes work off your hands, but at the same time you keep control and you can adjust invoices to your liking. This saves you time and therefore money.

Our software is suitable for both large and small companies, because beGuru works in the cloud and is scalable. We listen carefully to our customers and try to make beGuru a little better every time.

Do you want to try our invoice app? You can now try beGuru for free for 30 days.

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