Online project management

On top of things

You have several projects running simultaneously. With multiple activities per project. Divided over various stakeholders. How do you easily keep an overview?

That is exactly what beGuru is made for: 24/7 to keep an overview. Real time. Fully automatic.

beGuru gives you all the information: what is the status of each project? Which projects should you keep an eye on? And what about the invoicing?

Projects, hours and invoices: that is beGuru!

Always up-to-date

Regardless of the number of projects, tasks, interim changes, hourly rates, employees and know-I-what-even-more.

beGuru automatically calculates how you stand for it.

Which projects may not be ready in time? With which projects you may be short of hours.

From now on, you know it beforehand. And you have time to make adjustments.

Projects & tickets

Project management is effective and professional with beGuru.

You can specify goals per project: budgets in hours and your preferred currency, partial invoices, deadline and much more.

Then you create one or more vouchers within a project. Each voucher can also have unique properties, such as budgets and a deadline. You can put time worked on a receipt.

beGuru knows exactly which ticket or project you are likely to get into trouble with. You see in a timely and effortless way what you need to adjust.

Adjust in time

In beGuru you have several handy overviews and graphs. They tell you at a glance what is going well and where you may need to adjust.

With the Start and Stop button you have 100% up-to-date information, also on the road.

This way you can easily and on time make adjustments. Consult with the people involved. Well before problems arise.

A professional project administration, with beGuru.

Project administration software for every company

We developed beGuru in such a way that our solution is suitable for large companies, small and medium-sized businesses and self-employed people. BeGuru works easily and quickly, so that companies save time and have an overview. With our software you can, among other things, register time and draw up invoices.

The integration is automatic, but you can always adjust things and adjust them as you wish. beGuru works for your company and therefore gives you freedom. We also listen to our customers to continue to improve our software.

Do you want to try beGuru? Then make use of the free 30-day trial period.