Connecting the dots

Time registration, project management and invoicing are not possible without CRM.

Write down all your contacts and connect them to receipts, projects or certain invoices.

During the work you can see exactly who is involved in that work and in which job.

Intelligent zoeken

How often do you search for the same data? beGuru, for example, lets you store that customer that you need every hour as a Favorite.

This prevents a lot of typing on a daily basis and ensures that from now on you will be able to reach the right people, companies, projects, etc. much faster.

You’re welcome ?

More than convenient

CRM – or Customer Relationship Management – means that you can register all relevant contacts.

It starts with the standard data such as name, telephone and e-mail. beGuru will also enable you to choose the salutation.

Automatically customized

We use this, among other things, in preparing e-mails for your contacts. For example when e-mailing an invoice.

This way every contact will be addressed as desired.