$p = array(‘action‘ => ‘getProjects‘);
$projects = beGuruAPI(USER, KEY$p);



Let your software collaborate


An API – or Application Programming Interface – is a great way to let software packages work together.

beGuru has its own API. Have your beGuru invoices automatically sent to for example AFAS. Or create new customers from SalesForce.

With the beGuru API you can collaborate with numerous software packages.

Example use

You handle your support cases with Zendesk. Your administration is in AFAS. beGuru takes care of your time registration.

New tickets in Zendesk automatically come to beGuru. As soon as you start an assignment you start the timer. The invoices that have been made are automatically transferred to AFAS.

Professional and flexible tools that work together. Perfect.

beGuru API: samenwerken met je andere software


Thanks to the API, beGuru can collaborate with any other software package that also has an API. Have information exchanged between beGuru and other software.

MailChimp, SalesForce, Exact, AFAS. A small selection of popular packages that all have their own API.


Send new invoices to your accounting package or import new customers as soon as they have signed an assignment. The possibilities are endless.

With beGuru you have a professional tool to let the desired software talk to each other.