What does beGuru do

In short: beGuru takes tasks off your hands. It provides among others keeping start and stop times, hourly rates and colleagues’ work. Our software can also calculate and compile overviews and invoices.

Regardless of whether you have incidental or project-related activities: with beGuru you can concentrate on your job. You do not have to worry about the rest.

Time registration

Writing hours. Is. Never. Fun. At least: until now! Press Start to start and Stop when you’re done.

beGuru calculates everything for you in the background: how much time you and your colleagues have spent, how much time you still have available etc.

From now on you can concentrate on what you are good at!

Project administration

How do you keep the overview with several projects running at the same time? As soon as you or your colleagues press Stop beGuru calculates exactly how much time and budget you still have available.

beGuru will also alert you in due time for all sorts of issues such as deadlines that may be jeopardized.

Online urenregistratie binnen beGuru


Invoicing without manual calculation. beGuru shows you exactly what you should charge per customer.

Tickets and projects: beGuru shows what you should invoice. After your OK, the invoices will be sent to the customer via email.


Customers, suppliers, sponsors and all the people you have contact with. You can tie them all to work, projects and invoices.

So you always – and without clicking – have the right people and contact details at hand.


$p = array(‘action‘ => ‘getProjects‘);
$projects = beGuruAPI(USER, KEY$p);




Automatically shoot leads into beGuru or your new invoices from beGuru to your accountant.

With the beGuru API you have endless possibilities to connect all your business software.