Plants ensure a more pleasant and healthier working environment

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Flowers do love people, but do they also make you and your colleagues more productive in the workplace? A study by the University of Wageningen (WUR) shows that employees who work in a plant-rich environment report sick less often. They also assess their own performance 0.7 points higher. In addition, air quality also improved due to the presence of plants.

Do plants ensure a more pleasant and more productive working environment? This feels right and some studies also seem to support this. Enough reasons for WUR researchers to investigate this properly. They therefore compared two groups of working people with each other. The first group worked in a plant-rich environment and the second group functioned in a workplace without plants.

Planten zorgen voor een fijnere werkomgeving

Such a succulent plant is not going to save your life but they are so nice and easy.

The researchers wanted to know what effect plants have on humidity, thermal comfort, attractiveness of the working environment, state of mind, satisfaction with functioning and sickness absence of workers. In the area of ​​productivity, we especially find the last two effects interesting.

Better functioning by plants in your environment

The group of people working among plants rated their own performance 0.7 higher than their plantless colleagues. This is in any case a strong indication that plants in a workplace make people more productive.

Plants also result that workers report sick less often. The people who work in a room with plants report sick 1.6 days less per employee per year. Well employer, calculate your profit!

The WUR researchers have already announced that they will conduct a follow-up study where they will investigate the business case of placing plants in the working environment. In other words, when does an employer earn back all those plants? We are naturally very interested in the results.

Read the WUR press release here

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