The difference between Tickets, Projects and Tasks

What is the difference between Tickets, Projects and Tasks within beGuru? In this article we’ll explain exactly that.


You book billable time on a Ticket. An example of a Ticket can be: adjusting a page on a website. Or designing a new flyer.

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Most projects consist of a number of steps. Example: designing, developing and filling in a new website. You probably know which steps, and how much time you need per step. Create a ticket for each step and book your time on that ticket.

The page about the project tells you exactly how much time – per step and in total – has been booked. And how much time you still have available. Afterwards you can also see which step has taken more or less time. You can take that information to your next project.

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Examples of tasks are: calling back a customer or carrying out the checklist before you deliver the work. Relatively small but important items. You have to be able to create those with as little work as possible. In beGuru it is no more than a short description. When you’re done, uncheck the task and it will also disappear from your screen. Simple.

Tasks are present at various points in beGuru: with tickets, projects, on customer dashboards and in your invoices.