Book: “The Power of Habit” by Charles Duhigg

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Most books in our overview are about productivity and methods that you can make more productive. “The Power of Habit” is more about your head: why do you do what you do? And why do you do that that way? The book explains to you how we put people together and what we can do to change our behavior.

A solid book

‘The Power of Habit’ is a solid book: Charles Duhigg uses examples and research to explain the influence our behavior has on our (working) day. It’s a good read.
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Unconscious behaviour

Charles Duhigg quickly lets you look in the mirror: we humans are full of behavior learned in the past and unconscious actions.

Do you remember with which hand you picked up your keys this morning? Or which shoe you laced first? Exactly: these are unconscious actions. We have been doing a lot of actions for a long time.

Our brains try to perform most common actions as efficiently as possible. In this way, you can go a longer distance with the energy from your sandwiches this morning.

After a while you do not think about a specific action anymore. That is very interesting at first because it makes life easier. But it can also be disadvantageous: you can aquire the wrong habits like smoking, alcohol and getting a late night snack.

Each and every one of actions that were nice once but now they are more in the way. Actually, you do them because you’re used to it. Not because you really like them.

We also have numerous learned actions at the office. Some of them have not been useful for a long time. But you do them because, well, because that is your behaviour.

In ‘The Power of Habit’ Duhigg shows how you operate from the inside. As soon as you understand that, it is much easier to reverse, replace or undo unwanted behavior.

Target audience

Basically, this book is interesting for everyone: we all have learned behavior. Most of us have also learned the behavior we want to get rid of. The book contains theory and many examples. If you want to know more about your brain and behavior, this is a very good book.

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