Book: “The One Thing” by Gary Keller

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The conclusion of ‘The One Thing’ is correct. It is also a well-written book. In ‘The One Thing’, author explains that you are more productive when you do one thing at a time. The book is then full of ‘One Thing Method’ and that did not appeal to me. Keller is not the inventor here. And he also adds nothing new to his so-called method. Conclusion: it is a good book, but the author should not have called it his method.

Good book but could be better

‘The One Thing’ is well written in itself, otherwise we would not have included it in our list. But the author goes too far by filling the book with ‘his’ claimed ‘One Thing Method’. Check out our list with alternatives:

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The conclusion of this book is true as a bus: concentrate on one single task, that will benefit your productivity.

Author Gary Keller, as far as I am concerned, goes too far to claim this principle and make it a brand. His brand. He also writes countless times about doing ‘one thing’ as ‘One Thing Method’. Bit too possessive for my taste.

In addition, Keller adds nothing to this finding. Finally, the book really only deals with concentrating on a task at the same time.


As previously written, we think The One Thing is a bit meager: in the same time there are books that you can read more about. That’s why we’ve collected a few alternatives here for you:

Ready for Anything
David Allen is one of the best authors in the field of productivity. This book is actually a summary of everything he has written in 6 years. A very complete and yet easy to read book. And no more than 163 pages.
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Grip – The secret of smart working
The most recent book, in Dutch, nicely written and very instructive. In addition, this book describes a much broader picture of productivity than The One Thing.
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Boekcover The Power of Habit van Charles Duhigg

Book: “The Power of Habit” by Charles Duhigg

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