Book: “Grip – The secret of smart working” by Rick Pastoor

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Rick Pastoor has a busy life as an internal boss at Blendle. After reading several books in the field of productivity, he noticed that these books did just not translate into practice. He then developed a method which is more practical: ‘Grip’. In his book “Grip – The secret of smart working” he gives exactly those pieces of theory that you need and then immediately teaches how you can turn theory into practice. This is one of the best books in the field of productivity that you can read!

Recommended by beGuru

‘Grip – The secret of smart working’ is well and honestly written and easy to apply. That makes it one of the best productivity books on the market.

Down-to-earth method

Rick states that it is strange that we never really learned to work properly. We ‘must’ be constantly available, receive a huge amount of information every day and we assume that everyone can handle it. Next to these demands you have to do your regular work tasks as well of course.

In his daily work at Blendle he has learned a number of important lessons. Ultimately, a method came from these lessons: Grip. This no-nonsense method teaches you in a simple way how you can work in such a manner that you can handle your workload and that you get the things done that are important to you and your environment.

Unlike well-known methods such as Getting Things Done and Agile, you do not have to carry out Grip as a real fanatic. You can choose which elements you want to apply. You don’t need to apply all theory to get more productive.

Voorbeeld uit Grip Het geheim

That also makes this method pleasant to use. Perhaps that is the reason why the Grip method is endorsed by so many big names in the entrepreneurial world. One of them is Boris Veldhuijzen van Zanten. We were able to interview him about productivity and you can read our interview with Boris here.

beGuru Tip
After you have read this book I advise you to go through to the book a month later again. I guarantee that you will find and use new tips.

Productivity tips from Grip by Rick Pastoor

Headphone rule
Rick describes how they have a simple but handy rule at Blendle: someone who works with headphones does not want to be disturbed at that moment. Clear and practical.

Many people start the day by starting their PC, laptop or Mac. Then, without thinking, they go to their email. Pastoor states that you can look better which tasks have the most impact for that day. Ask yourself: “What can you do today with which you can best help yourself and your environment?”

‘Urgent’ and ‘important’ are two different things. Ask yourself: of all the things you are going to do today, which are both urgent and important? Do that first. This way you free yourself immediately from the greatest tensions for that day.

Target audience

This book is interesting for all knowledge workers and hence everyone who works a lot behind a computer. How long you’ve been doing this is not very relevant to me: the Grip method gives insight into how you can do things better. I expect that almost every reader will get useful tips while reading this book.

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