Book: “Getting Things Done” by David Allen

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“Getting Things Done” (GTD) is a globally known and recognized method to become more productive. Who can explain the GTD method better than the inventor himself? David Allen takes you through all facets of GTD. After reading Getting Things Done you have all the ingredients to improve your productivity yourself.

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‘Getting Things Done’ is a very well thought out and complete book. The book is full of information and that sometimes makes it a bit heavier to read but also so valuable. Take your time. Let everything sink in and you will make incredible leaps. For these reasons, it is one of the best productivity books.
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When it comes to productivity, this book is a classic. In “Getting Things Done” David Allen explains the link between productivity and relaxation. He states that – if you want to be productive – you also need to be able to relax properly.

Allen also gives numerous tips on how to deal with tasks. He describes his framework and the theory behind it. In addition, you will read numerous practical tips in the book that enable you to easily make improvements.

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Do what you want to do: you can use every tip and follow GTD as if it were a religion. Otherwise, you can also take out what works for you. GTD is not a method that you have to apply very strictly. I therefore advise you to start with those things that are right for you right now.

Pro tip: are you ready to read? Then set a reminder a few months later to read the book again. As you have seen, I make all kinds of notes. I can go through all that in just a few minutes. By doing this I have the book ‘fresh’ in my memory again. I also see pieces that I did not think were interesting before, but which are relevant at that moment.

By taking the book a few times in the coming months you will see that you will get a lot more out of it.


7 steps of GTD

Allen’s GTD method consists of 7 steps. I describe the first step in my own words:

You might recognize this: a colleague says something that you should not forget. It is something pretty easy that you have to do later. You decide to remember it. You have a busy day. Later that night you only think about it again: stupid, forgotten.

Your brain does not want to forget anything, so it does its best every day to remember everything that is important to you. That takes effort and you can even get a headache.

Step 1 of Allen’s GTD method is to collect all relevant tasks. Write them down, type it in but make sure you do not have to remember them.

Now that your brain is no longer responsible for remembering, they can deal with other things. Like coming up with a creative solution for that problem you are dealing with.

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Next Action

Another important aspect of the GTD method is the Next Action. It is very valuable to think very consciously about your next action. It is easy to just continue. But if you start to think about it consciously, you will see that you are better prepared.

After all, you will automatically go through that visualization, visualize it. This increases your focus and energy around that action. As a result, you will also have a greater chance of success.

Target audience

This book is for the knowledge worker who wants to make serious progress. The book is full of good tips and you notice everything that David Allen has 30 years of experience with this method. Whether you are going to do everything as a fanatic, or just taking over certain elements does not matter. If you feel serious about improving productivity, then this is a perfect book for you.


Do you want to be more productive both business and private? Do you ever have a headache of your work? Do you want to make your head ‘free’ for creative solutions?

These are all good reasons to read “Getting Things Done”. David Allen is the inventor of GTD and is therefore ideally suited to introduce you to GTD. Get out of the book what you can use and look back in a week. I guarantee that you will see multiple improvements.

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