Trello alternative: beGuru

Trello is one of the best and most well-known productivity apps available today. Due to its limited functions Trello is very easy to start with. As an entrepreneur however, you want to be able to tell how your company really is performing. In this article we have compared Trello with another app: beGuru.

The big difference with Trello is that beGuru has integrated everything you need to enable your company to perform optimally.

As an entrepreneur you do not just want to know if all work is finished on time. You want to be able to plan easily. In addition, it makes sense to retrospect your work afterwards: how much time did you expect to need and how much did you really need?

All your billable time can be converted into invoices in 1 click with beGuru. Neatly made up in your corporate style. Do you have questions? Then call or email the helpdesk. Their helpdesk is very experienced and friendly.

Alternative to Trello: beGuru

You only really know whether your business is running well when you can see what each assignment actually cost. When hours worked are part of those costs, it is important to have insight into those hours.

Get it all, in one click

beGuru gives you the tools to calculate easily in advance. During the work, beGuru gives you the tools to keep track of all important aspects 24/7. Deadline, specifications and planning can be stored and viewed in one app. Have you received any changes during execution? You’ll always work with the right specifications, so that you can make adjustments in time. Afterwards you can view and analyze your subsequent calculation with one click.

beGuru is an excellent alternative for Trello for entrepreneurs who want to have a perfect view of their company.

Trello beGuru
Tasks Tasks
Projects Projects
Kanban Kanban
Time tracking
Analyse 24/7
Online support Online support
Phone support

Kanban: always the overview

Kanban is a wonderful way to see when something is needed. Or when something has to be finished. And how busy it is at certain points. Trello has 1 overview and that is the illustrated Kanban overview.

Click on a card in the Kanban and you will see all details of that card: checklists, documents, deadline, etc.

The kanban overview of beGuru is similar to Trello: details per work, deadlines, documents, deadlines, etc.

In beGuru you can also see your available time: how much time you can spend and how much time has already been spent.

Getting Things Done

At beGuru we like to work with the Getting Things Done (GTD) method. This ensures that we spend our precious time effectively. We have processed various GTD elements in beGuru so that you can work efficiently in a pleasant way.

This way you can easily calculate & plan. You’re always on the ball during execution. And make new invoices with a few clicks.

With these tools, beGuru makes you more productive, optimizes your workflow and helps your business grow.

Trello time tracking

In Trello you can manage the activities within a project, but not your billable time. It can be difficult to keep an eye on the time you have available and the time that has been spent. You do not want to realize at 50% of an assignment that 90% of the time has already been spent.

With beGuru you always have an overview of the progress of your work and the hours worked. This way you keep an overview and you can intervene on time in case of differences.

% budget spent

% progress

Productive and insightful

Trello works with power ups. These are apps that you can integrate into Trello to add a certain functionality. For example, there are power ups for the integration of your agenda and for sending e-mails from Trello. There are also power ups to track your time.

The basic version of Trello is free, but with different power ups the costs can quickly rise. In addition, you depend on different developers for the workflow of your own business processes.

All in one app

With beGuru you have all the important tools in one environment. Updates, compatibility and dependence on multiple parties: you will not be bothered by beGuru. Every part has been thought out, designed, developed and tested with the greatest care.

We have been doing all that for 14 years with great pleasure. And with success: in recent years we have helped countless companies to improve their productivity. Do you want to know what beGuru can do for you? Then start your free trial now!

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