Toggl alternative: beGuru

Toggl is a popular and user friendly app for time registration. You simply press start and time starts running. Although Toggl is user friendly, you need more information to really know how your projects and business are doing. How well are you on track, why do some projects exceed time plannings and where are opportunities to become more productive?

Unfortunately, Toggl does not give insights into these kinds of questions. In this post we therefore present beGuru, an alternative for Toggl that gives valuable insights into these questions.

Toggl alternative: beGuru

You only really know if your company is doing well if you have an overview of your projects and activities. Do you meet your deadline in the time you have budgeted? How can you improve the workflow of your activities so that your company can continue to grow? beGuru answers these questions.

Overview with one click

Just like Toggl, beGuru offers you the opportunity to register your worked time with just the push of a button. beGuru also gives you the tools to estimate and calculate an assignment in advance. Deadlines, specifications and planning can be stored and viewed in one place.

Does a difference arise during execution? Then you can easily see that with beGuru, so that you can make adjustments in time. Afterwards you can view and analyze your subsequent calculation with one click.

beGuru is therefore an excellent alternative for Toggl for entrepreneurs who want to have a perfect view of their company.

Toggl beGuru
Tasks (premium) Tasks
Projects Projects
Planning (premium) Planning
Time management Time management
Invoicing (premium) Invoicing
Online support Online support
Phone support

Kanban: 24/7 overview

Kanban is a simple and effective method for organizing important information. For example, you can see when something is needed or needs to be finished.

You can also set Kanban signs to estimate how busy it will be at certain times. In beGuru you have the possibility to organize your assignments and tasks in well-organized Kanban signs.

You can organize your Kanban signs as you want and therefore Kanban signs are suitable for all kinds of companies, departments and freelancers.

Do you work agile? Through Kanban you are able to create a clear overview of your Agile projects. Do you have a production company? Kanban is also extremely suitable for this.

Getting Things Done

At beGuru we are a big fan of the Getting Things Done (GTD) method. Through this method you can spend your time super effective and efficient, while at the same time reducing the stress in your life. That is why we have processed various GTD elements in beGuru, so that you can work effectively and efficiently in a pleasant way.

So beGuru offers you the possibility to budget and plan easily. You also always keep a finger on the pulse during the execution of projects. In addition, you make new invoices with a few clicks.

Be productive and informed

It is our mission to make companies and people more productive. We often talk to entrepreneurs who lack an overview of how they spend their valuable time. Because of this they might not reach the goals they had set.

beGuru gives you those valuable insights and helps you optimize your workflow. In this way we help you become more effective and more efficient, so that your business can grow.

All-in-one productivity suite

With beGuru you have all the important tools in one software environment. Every part has been thought of, designed, developed and tested with the greatest care. For example, beGuru offers time management, project administration and online invoicing. In addition, you can easily link other software such as Salesforce, Zendesk, MailChimp and Google apps via the API.

We have been doing this all for over 14 years with great pleasure. And with success: in recent years we have helped countless companies to improve their productivity.

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