Can you multitask well? If your answer is yes to this, you are quite special. People can not really multitask as well as they think. Most people are much more efficient and effective when they concentrate on one task.


Have you ever had the feeling that you were completely absorbed in your work and ended up in a flow? That was probably not when you were multitasking. This super-concentrated work is also called deep work. In this article I will give 4 tips to work deeply.

These tips are based on my experience and reading articles on this topic. It is therefore tips that work for me and not by definition universal advice that works for everyone. Of course, I hope you have something to do with it.

No distraction

Make sure you remove all distractions from your work environment. I can hear you thinking: “Yes, I could have thought of that”. But how often do you stop your phone on the other side of the room and do you put out your e-mail, Skype and other messengers?

As I type this article, it is very tempting to take a look at my phone to check if I have received a message. Recognizable? Then put your phone away! It is very simple, but we often do not. Be strict and do not be distracted during your work.

Instrumental music

Do you work in an environment with other people? Then of course it is also easy to be distracted. Of course there is nothing wrong with a bit of fun, but if you just have to finish that task before the weekend, you can better ensure that you progress well.

For me, instrumental music works very well to be focused. With vocal music I get distracted too much, but perhaps this works for you too. I also often listen to instrumental music when I work on my own and it helps me to work in a concentrated way.

Walking or moving

You can sustain super concentrated work for a while, but it is also good to take a break now and then. In addition, it is also healthier to stand up and move on occasion. There is increasing evidence that sitting too long and too much is bad for your health and that is why I try to get up and move every half hour.

Do you notice that your head is full? Get up and go for a walk or exercise. You will notice that afterwards you are fresher and can concentrate on your work again.

Schedule deep work

Working in a super-concentrated way can be tiring for your brain. That is why you can also look up to it. Therefore make an appointment with yourself and schedule a deep work. This allows you to prepare mentally for super concentrated work, making it easier to start. If you do this consistently, then you will notice that it is also becoming easier.

The above is absolutely not meant as a scientific article and perhaps there are even dubious claims. However, the tips work well for myself and I hope that you will also benefit from it. If you have any advice that does not yet help you, then of course I would like to hear that. You can leave your tips and questions below.